Francesco Ciarrocchi


Anno Accademico:

  • Bass
  • 2022/2023

Nome: Francesco Ciarrocchi
Città: San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Relatore: M° Dino D'Autorio
Anno di Diploma: 2023 

Reed Room” di Hiatus Kaiyote è uno dei brani che Francesco ha portato in occasione della discussione della sua tesi di laurea di Luglio 2023 in Basso Pop Rock. 

La band:
Basso - Francesco Ciarrocchi
Batteria - Mariano Restivo
Pianoforte - Simone Mauro Ghilardi
Voce e Cori - Chiara Pizzi/ Silvia Rosa

Francesco He made headlines

CPM & #3

Third and last appointment of our music school with !

In this article we get to know Raffaella Zago, graduated in Pop Rock Vocals, a soul talent aiming at the foreign market.
Warm timbre, mastery of her voice and propensity for soul music that has fascinated her since she was a child, becoming the subject of her degree thesis, of which you can see an excerpt in the section dedicated to graduates: Raffaella Zago graduated with full marks in Singing Pop Rock and is working on his debut album, after having released the first single “If you're in need” with Crossroads.

Listening to every musical genre has allowed her to perceive the soul genre, and its sub-genres, as the closest to her mood; by enrolling in the CPM he deepened and refined his already strong propensity for singing up to the collaboration with the Crossroads and the publication of the single "If you're in need", aiming at the foreign market.

The propensity for stage presence and the ability to move in the music market are often innate in people, but an academic path can support this, enriching students from an educational and personal point of view, creating connections and showing aspects that often remain dormant when instead they just need to be stimulated and valued to emerge in their quality and power.

We invite you to find out more by reading the article dedicated to Raffaella Zago!

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