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Erasmus Policy Statement

The strategic lines of the CPM Music Institute are based on our tradition and propensity to provide fully operational contemporary students in the Popolar Music labor market. The importance of the Anglo-Saxon world and the role of ethnic music is for us something that must be combined with our tradition. Exchanges and ongoing or future reports start from this vision. For this reason our main goals and intentions are to make students aware of the different ways of operating in the international music market, of artistic creativity, performative art and teaching, providing them with opportunities for comparison. At the base of the choice of the partner Institutions, with which to sign bilateral agreements, there is mutual understanding and academic compatibility. The factors of choice are different: the educational offer of the partner Institute (similar or better than the offer of the CPM Music Institute). The CPM Music Institute identifies its partners in all EU and non-EU areas participating in the Program, without any kind of discrimination as reported in the Art. 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. This guarantees study and professional experiences in various linguistic, social and cultural areas, which also correspond to different approaches to studying and performing music practices. The main purposes of international mobility activities are those foreseen by the Program for the modernization of higher education in Europe: modernization and internalisation of the Instituteimprovement of the quality of its educational offer, the possibility offered to participants to live a study experience and/or working in a country of language and culture other than one's own, practical help for mobile participants to increase their skills and theoretical and artistic knowledge, create their own network of contacts, improving professional and employment prospects. Mobility and international cooperation activities are addressed both to students enrolled in the First Level Academic Diploma courses, and to teaching staff (we have hosted masterclasses and workshops with international teachers for years) and administrative staff. Since March 2020 we have strengthened the distance lessons service to face the need to continue teaching despite the particular period the world is going through. The CPM Music Institute guarantees that the selection of the participants takes place in full respect of equality, transparency and consistency, without any discrimination (sex, race, disability, belonging to a minority, age, sexual orientation, ethnic or social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion or confession, politics or opinion) guaranteeing equal and right opportunities to all potential participants.



Info: erasmus@cpm.it

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