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2,500 square meters dedicated to Music:

  • 30 classrooms equipped for each instrument
  • 3 multimedia labs with PCs and Macs available
  • 4 large rooms for ensemble music and group rehearsals
  • 2 interconnected A and B recording studios
  • 1 Portable recording station
  • 3 fixed internet stations + free WiFi
  • 1 Studio of editing and directing Live Streaming
  • 1 theater with stage, lighting and video for filming
  • 1 Library with an online consultable catalogue of more than 1000 titles
  • 1 equipped kitchen
  • 2 dining rooms
  • 5 Relaxation spaces
Study rooms and practice rooms available free of charge for all students.

Free study rooms, available to all students daily, from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm.
A simple online booking can save you and your group the rent of the rehearsal room.

CPM is the only music school in Milan to have an internal 250 square meter theater equipped with a stage, lights and a dressing room, wired with the audio / video and streaming department.
On this stage the theses of the AFAM and Bachelor paths are discussed, the students organise shows and performances, they compare themselves with the most important Italian and international artists of all genres, styles and instruments, attending seminars, workshops and master classes.
In the theater there are also castings, conventions and live events, programs and live videos of in-depth analysis. This space is also used in collaboration with large companies in the music market, promoters, record companies, radio networks, public and private television, institutions and private organizations.

Recording studios
The CPM has 2 professional recording studios with combined use of analog and digital technology, excellent sound rendering and constant technical support. Considering the interdisciplinary work of the training courses, both studies are used by students of all courses, from Creamusica and Open Week production teams.

Technical equipment and excellent acoustics make it an ideal place for highly professional productions.
The direction is connected with 4 shooting rooms including the Theater. Here the practical lessons of the Pro-Audio Engineer, Writing & Production and Game Audio courses are held.

It is mainly used for editing and post production. Here are made the recordings for the radio programmes in the EcorNaturaSì store , and photo sets and video shooting sets are prepared.

It allows to perform recordings on the field, even complex ones, which foresee different channels, with a flexibility equal or superior to a conventional mixer.

The "Library Maria Orlandi", wants to be a multi-purpose place, of study and in-depth study dedicated to all the students of the school who will find, in addition to titles of various kinds, an increasingly useful and innovative Teaching. Rules, schedules and information for obtaining training credits for students enrolled in AFAM courses, are posted on the bulletin board of the Library.

Eating together is an opportunity to get to know each other.
In the case of the CPM it is also an opportunity to share with the young students food education, respect for the environment and for the common areas.
The kitchen of the CPM is equipped with crockery and cutlery, accessories, appliances, induction hob, electric oven, sink and everything you may find in everyone’s kitchen at home, available to all staff and students.
In addition, the kitchen of the CPM is provided with organic seasonings and a strict separate collection of the garbage is carried out.

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