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"There are different ways to break down walls. Some people knock them down with bombs, some people have knocked them down with trumpets. We, on the other hand, want to tear them down with a thousand guitars in the square!" (Don Antonio Mazzi)

Promoted by the Province of Milan and the Exodus Foundation, with the organization and coordination of CPM, the memorable concerts of "The Symphony of Peace for 1000 Guitars" were a unique event for the cities that hosted them. An unforgettable moment of togetherness, in the spirit of love and tolerance, on the notes of the "Popular Symphony of Peace," written by Franco Mussida, at the behest of Don Mazzi.

"I wrote the Sinfonia della Pace with non-professionals in mind, to involve fans who use the most common instrument and means of expression among young people: the guitar and singing, in an 'artistic experience strong in emotional values and social participation. It is written in song form with today's languages and sounds from pop to ethnic. It talks about individual growth, ethics, values, feelings of peace to be shared. I can call it a kind of great prayer, uniting lay people and Catholics in the name of the extraordinary unifying power of Art and Music."
Franco Mussida

All editions of the Manifestation:
1997 - Verona
1998 - Naples
2000 to 2007 - Piazza del Duomo (Milan)
2009 - Idroscalo Milan

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