The Levels and Certifications

The 10 levels are designed in a step-by-step manner and ensure comprehensive preparation aimed at obtaining the relevant Certification. Levels 1 and 2 are aimed at Junior students (5-10 years old) while levels 9 and 10 are available only within the CPM structure.
The identification of the entry level and stylistic address, if any, are at the discretion of the candidate and his/her teacher.
The candidate may apply for the level he or she considers suitable for his or her abilities and will receive, upon passing all the tests (instrumental and theory), the corresponding certification. Thus, there are no propaedeuticities.
At the time of purchasing the ePub corresponding to the chosen level, the unique code necessary for eventual registration for the exam will be sent along with the order confirmation and summary.
To obtain the level certification, it is necessary to pass the following tests during the same examination: 
Instrumental test 
Reading, Theory, Harmony and Ear Training test. 
Passing Level 8 involves:
Level 8 - Stylistic Address
Obtaining certification
Admission to the 1st year of the Address Diploma at CPM.
Level 8 - Multi-stylistic Address
Obtaining certification
Admission to the 1st year of the BAC pathway at CPM

Programs and Addresses

In the first 8 levels are the programs of: Bass, Drums, Singing, Guitar, Piano & Keyboards.
Starting from level 7, in addition to the program of the study of instrument fundamentals, the student has the choice of:
Stylistic Address
Multi-stylistic Address
Stylistic Address: allows for in-depth study of the desired style and techniques along with the overall development of other musical skills. 

Multi-stylistic Address: aimed at those who prefer a focused and in-depth study of their instrument. The address includes a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, in line with the prerequisites needed to enter higher pre-academic courses.
Levels 7-8-9-10 include: 
Guitar: 5 Addresses
Drums and Piano & Keyboards: 3 Addresses
Bass and Singing: 2 Addresses

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