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The drummer is a musician with a great responsibility: he guides groups and modern orchestras as the Director of a classical orchestra would do. A role that requires a strong self-confidence, an awareness that here in CPM is achieved by working on a solid technical and expressive system, going beyond the technique. Bachelor's three years course is a path of growth and awareness of the role, of development of sensitivity and creativity. Rhythmic, reading, mechanics of movement, rudiments and study of the military drum, coordination applied to Pop, Rock and Jazz, increase the musicality already present in the drummer. At the same time, the professional is formed by playing in a band, performing on stage, dealing with the recording studios.
The studies are divided into four main sections: drums, complementary subjects, ensembles, laboratories.
The total annual number of hours is between 350 and 385 hours and develops over 3 years.
At the end of the 3rd year the thesis will be discussed in order to obtain the Bachelor of Music.
After the 1st year it is possible to access the three-year First Level Academic Diploma without taking the admission exam.

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