Educational Texts

All teaching texts are organized for the ePub format.
Each volume, alongside the recommended bibliography, contains the teaching materials necessary to exhaust the preparation related to the curriculum of the specific level. The ePub contents thus enable each student to address the instrumental, theoretical and basic musical skills topics useful for achieving the preparation necessary to obtain the relevant certification.
It will be the responsibility of the teacher who will accompany the student to obtain the certification to structure the entire training based on the needs of the individual student. 
*Please note that the graphic organization of the ePubs adapts to different digital devices, e.g., iPads, tablets of different brands and formats.

ePub publications can be purchased and studied independently. However, the learning path has been designed and created so that it can be carried out with the assistance of a teacher. By virtue of this feature, the teacher can supplement the study of the material with his or her other specific skills.

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