The study of the electric bass, through a natural melodic approach and the study of the harmonic aspect, is conducted by a team of professional teachers led by the experience of one of the best Italian bass players: Dino D'Autorio. With him, Giulio Corini, Siro Burchiani, Alberto Bollati and visiting professors such as Tony Levin, Billy Sheehan, Red Canzian, Lorenzo Poli, Dario Deidda, Flavio Scopaz, Lorenzo Feliciati, Colin Edwin, Massimo Moriconi, Michael Manring, Hadrien Feraud, Henrik Linder , Federico Malaman, Mario Guarini, Tonino De Sensi, Dino Fiorenza, Pino Matino.


A "sacred" instrument protagonist of rites and feasts, which is approached through the CPM teaching method, taking into account such culture of the instrument and therefore transforming the simple beating of a drum-skin with a piece of wood into an Art : that of Percussion. The drum courses are handled by a team of professional teachers chosen among the best Italian drummers: Roberto Gualdi, Giovanni Giorgi, Flaviano Cuffari and Marco Lori who accompany the preparation to work, together with tutors and visiting professors such as Andrè Ceccarelli, Maurizio dei Lazzaretti, Christian Meyer, Elio Rivagli, Sergio Fanton, Gavin Harrison, Larnell Lewis, Virgil Donati, Bruno Genero.


The aim of the CPM method is the study of singing as research and discipline of one's own voice. Numerous workshops on repertoire, performances on stage and in the recording studios, writing and performing their own repertoire, exploration of unconventional techniques form a Singing Section conducted by a team of teachers led by the singer and multi-instrumentalist Tommaso Ferrarese. With him: Andrea Rodini, Maria Patti, Max Elli, Elisabetta Cois, Simona Biasetti, Alex Procacci, Roberta Granà.
A tradition of CPM is annually host visiting professors: Albert Hera, Paola Folli, Margreet Hannemann, Mary Setrakian, Beppe Dettori, Boris Savoldelli and many others.


For 30 years CPM has been offering the most solid training in modern, contemporary and jazz guitar for professional guitarists . The Guitar course allows the guitarist to govern his fingers, mind and heart, to excite the audience with artistic sensitivity, technical ability and creativity. The Guitar Section counts among his teachers: Giorgio Cocilovo, Claudio Bazzari, Pietro La Pietra, Luca Nobis, Michele Quaini, Luca Ballabio, Max Elli, Marco Mariani, as well as visiting professors including Stef Burns, Luca Colombo, Beppe Gambetta, Robben Ford, Kirk Fletcher, Giovanni Baglioni, Nicola Oliva, Maurizio Colonna.

Keyboards & Piano

The study of Piano in CPM is oriented towards multidisciplinarity, looking at the instrument as a means to have the "control" of a band or an orchestra thanks to its ability to emerge also as a solo instrument. A path that ranges from classical to jazz, from synthesizers and electronics programming to the practice of electric and Soul languages. The Piano and Keyboard section is led by a team of teachers guided by the experience of Massimo Colombo, jazz musician, composer and internationally renowned teacher; together with  Fabio Nuzzolese and Giuliano Lecis. With them there are also visiting professors, including Rocco Tanica, Mark Harris and Cesare Picco.

Pro Audio Engineer

The course of Pro Audio Engineer, aimed at the training of sound engineers, is born from the perspective that one of the elements of the reproduction of Music are the skills and the  sensitivity of those who work in the recording, mixing and mastering phase. Lorenzo Cazzaniga is the manager of a course that touches all the technical aspects of " the sound". With him Diego Maggi, Taketo Gohara, Silvano Ribera, Marco Barusso, Giovanni Boscariol, Veronica Malgioglio, Alex Trecarichi, Massimiliano Zanoni, Daniele Valente, Simone Geravini, Ludovico Clemente, Paolo Piccardo, Maurizio Nardini. Also visiting professors such as Lucio Visintini, Leo di Lenge, Matteo Costa, Mirco Mencacci, Marino Cecada, Matteo Maddalena, Massimiliano Manzi, Maurizio Maggi, Alessandro Cornelli, Alessandro Molinari.

Writing & Production

The course is aimed at those who already create music or songs and want to focus on the rules of the profession of music producer, approaching the systematization of the rules relating to modern music composition aimed at both pop production and audio-visual sound. A fundamental requirement is a good familiarity in using music recording softwares. Leading and managing the course is Diego Maggi . With him there are Fabio Nuzzolese, Mell Morcone, Valerio De Paola, Ludovico Clemente and Lorenzo Cazzaniga.

Song Writing

The Master in Songwriting is unique in its kind, dedicated to those who want to gain awareness and effectiveness in the composition of songs. From the form "Beatles" to the Folk, from the "Pop Killer" structures to the “Hip Hop” . A deep bond ties melody and word, form and arrangement, thus creating lyrics that are also history. Mell Morcone is the Responsable of the Master Course, supported by Max Elli, Lucio Fabbri, Claudio Sanfilippo, Alex Trecarichi, Valerio Carboni and Dome Bulfaro.


The course, led by Ezio Guaitamacchi and Roberto Monesi, has as its primary objective the formation of professionals able to operate in the field of journalism or public relations, press and media agencies, such as the radio, the internet or television. This is possible thanks to a course structured to deepen the main journalistic formats bearing in mind the history of music, from the birth of the Popular Music to its current reality.

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