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Q8 has decided to support the CPM in some of its teaching, research and social hardship support initiatives, as well as in activities to develop applications necessary for the internal organization of the courses. This is also on the occasion of the recognition of our Instrument and Singing courses by the MIUR - Ministry of University and Research, which effectively sentences the birth of a true Popular Music University.

- Q8 Scholarships
Thanks to Q8's contribution, CPM students can take advantage of dedicated scholarships worth a total of €6,000.00
Q8 Scholarships for Music 2016/2017
The Winners

Q8 Scholarships for Music 2017/2018
The Winners

- Student benefits
Thanks to Q8's contribution, it was possible to apply discounts to students who decided to attend the supplementary courses required for enrollment in MIUR-recognized courses aimed at obtaining the First Level Academic Diploma.

- Improvement of technologies in use at the school
Q8 contributed to the implementation of the instrumentation present in classroom 15, purchasing 2 iMacs for the conduct of the Pro Audio Engineer course lessons.
In addition, it was possible to implement the development of the MyCPM application, allowing students to have better management and control of their teaching activities. The database was also optimized for the construction of teaching paths and the management of the work of the CPM Secretariat.

Q8 also participates in the CO2 project: in fact, it will allow the soundproofing of two corridors of the Rebibbia Prison (RM), women's section, where the CO2 project has already been active since 2013.

Thanks to a contribution from Q8, the CPM's Maria Orlandi Library became active in May 2018 and will be enriched over time through the purchase of new music-themed volumes and subscriptions to specialized magazines. A management database for the use of the catalog and texts is being developed.

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