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In the three years’ course the guitar students assimilate techniques, languages and expressiveness related to many musical areas: from Pop to Rock, from Blues to Jazz, from Classical to Finger-Style. They discover and re-discover themselves as professionals by playing in bands, performing on stage and facing the recording studios, using advanced technologies to create new sounds. They experience their artistic identity by opening up to a conception of the instrument that includes solism and improvisation.
They develop a harmonic and polyphonic vision that opens perspectives in the composition, in the arrangement and in the production, carrying this instrument well beyond the 6 strings.
The aim of the Bachelor course is precisely that of forming a complete guitarist, also thanks to the division of studies into four main sections: guitar, complementary subjects, ensembles, workshops.
The total annual number of hours is between 350 and 385 hours and develops over 3 years.
At the end of the 3rd year the thesis will be discussed in order to obtain the Bachelor of Music.
After the 1st year it is possible to access the three-year First Level Academic Diploma without taking the admission exam.

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