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The partnership between the CPM Music Institute and the EcorNaturaSì Spa Group, a company that has been working for the health of the earth, the natural environment and society for 30 years, was made possible by sharing the idea that the best possible product for people's health is also the best possible product for the life of the nature that surrounds us. This is true of organic agriculture, but it is also true of Music, at least as it has been understood for years by Franco Mussida, who recognizes its highest potential in orienting mood, aimed at achieving well-being, through a 'universal language' that unites sounds and emotions.

Radio NaturaSì is to all intents and purposes the new reality in the national radio scene thanks to its broadcasting in more than 250 NaturaSì stores, the organic supermarkets throughout the country. But this is not just a simple in-store radio, but rather a special musical project with unique features, aimed at strengthening inside the store a web of emotions, harmony and culture with which the organic world can be experienced as even closer and more accessible, to the customer and beyond. That of Radio NaturaSì is a high quality musical proposal, selected by the staff of the CPM Music Institute and Franco Mussida.

A "handmade" Music, that is, played by musicians, not simple electronic 'sound carpets'. Music rich in vital, fresh content. Music divided by climates, between the search for relaxation and the desire for positive energy. Instrumental music of many different currents, but also Classical music. Music sung in all the languages of the world, where dialect or African languages have the same dignity as English, in search of the cultural richness of distant peoples whose vitality counteracts Western intellectual decadence. Music by singers and songwriters of great talent and poetic ability, who have sometimes remained unknown to the most commercial radio stations. Space is also given to young people and to those songs that do not incite conflict: the intelligence of Brunori, a certain disenchantment of Mannarino or the intellectuality of Baustelle, always with the intention of choosing songs that incite life rather than existential dreariness. Even another Music is present--the song of the birds, a song that amazes and pervades the space every two hours. It is the Music of nature knocking.
A project where Music, played and not sampled, has its own thoughtful space and where each individual artist sees the proceeds of his or her work recognized.

"Music speaks all the languages of the world, and nourishes on an emotional level, just as food does for the structure of the person. Both demand quality. That is why we proceed together with NaturaSì in the same direction, each with his own task: that of nourishing the person with the qualities necessary to make him physically and spiritually more sensitive, stronger, healthier." (Franco Mussida)

"We have known Franco Mussida and his wife Loredana for many years. We have come a long way together to promote Biodynamic agriculture in Italy. The need to propose a radio in our stores, to customers but also to employees, brought us together again. It was important for us to entrust this task to someone who was in tune with our ideals and could convey them with the right music, the right tone of voice, and the right messages and feelings. Franco and his youth group will certainly do this because they draw from an inspirational source where thoughts and actions are harmonized by true feelings, of which music and speech are noble vehicles." (Fabio Bres

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