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Strong is CPM's focus on social issues. In fact, for over 30 years our Music school has been involved in projects that have involved and still involve extreme places such as prisons and the San Patrignano community.

The CO2 project is the initiative that allowed CPM to bring Music into prisons to educate listening and provide relief.
From this experience were then born the Swimmer project - Baccaria juvenile prison in Milan - and San Patrignano Filiera della Musica at the community of the same name.

The project, after a 3-year trial involving 4 prisons, has now expanded to other penitentiary institutions, involving as many as 11:
Rebibbia Women's Prison (RM) - Dozza Prison (BO) - Santa Maria Maggiore Prison (VE) - Sollicciano Prison (FI) - Secondigliano Prison (NA) - Casa Circondariale di Monza - Casa di Reclusione di Milano Opera - San Vittore Prison (MI) - Casa Circondariale Lorusso e Cutugno (TO) - Casa Circondariale di Marassi (GE) - Casa Circondariale Cantiello e Gaeta (AL).

For the year 2017 it received the Medal of the President of the Republic.
The CO2 Project is conceived and coordinated by Franco Mussida, funded by SIAE, sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, and is organized and managed by the CPM Music Institute. The brand image is the work of Mimmo Paladino.

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Prof. Flavio Ceravolo (University of Pavia), Dr. Arturo Nuara, Dr. Francesca Viacava, Dr. Lorenzo Natali, M°Luca Nobis 
INFORMATIONAL ASPECTS: Ludovico Clemente, Fausto Savatteri, Omar Cantoro

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