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voice Bachelor

The singer is a musician who should be guided during the 3 years of the Bachelor course to discover all its potential, in order to find and express its unique and unrepeatable artistic identity.
The care of sound and voice is fundamental: it is not an "external" and "mechanical" instrument, but an instrument that is also a body, governed by mind and heart.
For this reason his/her path is entrusted to a group of great experts and to an entire school of musicians who will relate to him/her.
The studies are divided into four main sections: voice, complementary subjects, ensembles, laboratories.
The total annual number of hours is between 378 and 391 hours and develops over 3 years.
At the end of the 3rd year the thesis will be discussed in order to obtain the Bachelor of Music.
After the 1st year it is possible to access the three-year First Level Academic Diploma without taking the admission exam.

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