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Sound Engineering


Sound Technician Course

With DM n.475 of 27 May 2022, the CPM obtained recognition from the Ministry of University and Research - MUR of the three-year Pro Audio Engineer course, now a First Level Academic Diploma course in Sound Engineer, equivalent qualification to a three-year degree.

First Level Academic Diploma Course in Sound Engineer

With a teaching body that includes professionals of the caliber of Lorenzo Cazzaniga, who is also Head of the Department, Diego Maggi, Taketo Gohara, Giovanni Boscariol, Alex Trecarichi, Marco Barusso, the Sound Engineer course provided by the CPM, compared to the same course provided by other institutes, it is characterized by an annual number of hours between 583 and 608, and is developed over 3 years in which all the theoretical and technical aspects of the profession are addressed.
Thanks to this multidisciplinarity, the course is aimed at creating a complete figure, capable of working both in a live context and in the studio: from more theoretical subjects such as acoustics, information technology and electronics, to microphone recordings, laboratories, software such as for example Ableton, Finale, Cubase, to practice recording and mixing. In addition to the more "classic" lessons in Music History, Ear Training, Complementary Piano, English, Legal & Business, Space Acoustics: in short, a complete and interdisciplinary course of study.
Obtaining ministerial recognition, which equates our course to a three-year degree course, is the culmination of an educational work that began more than 10 years ago and which will now allow our students to undertake and complete a course of study by obtaining a degree Triennial.

You can view the study plan of the First Level Academic Diploma in Sound Engineer HERE, while HERE you can find how to access the course.

Pro Audio Engineer course

In order to access the three-year academic course of Sound Engineer, it is necessary to have a High School Diploma, as well as for any academic path. In case you don't have the Diploma, you can always enroll in the CPM, but in the Pro Audio Engineer course.
While the teaching staff and the duration, 3 years, remain unchanged, Pro Audio Engineer differs from the Sound Technician course both for the final qualification, which in this case is not comparable to a degree, and for the annual number of hours between the 487 and 511 hours, missing from the study plan subjects such as Ear Training, Space Acoustics, Complementary Piano, History of Music, English, Legal & Business.
To access, you need to meet with the Head of the Department.

Discover the study plan of the Pro Audio Engineer course.

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