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Violino Pop/Rock


Pop Rock Violin Master

The First Level Master in Pop/Rock Violin recognized by the MUR - Ministry of University and Research - for the achievement of the First Level Specialization Diploma, aimed at entering the world of work.

The Pop Rock Violin Master is intended for all those who, with basic musical knowledge or work experience in the sector, intend to delve deeper into the technical aspect of composition, using their instrument also with modern effects and technologies.

In the Master, all the methods and possibilities of musical arrangement with the instrument will be analysed, both rhythmic and melodic, also and above all with the aid of analogue and digital effects. The objective is to provide the technical skills necessary for the composition and arrangement of musical pieces and thus make possible the student's musical development which allows him to experiment with new harmonic and instrumental solutions.
An in-depth study on the figure of the violinist within a recording production is planned.

The teaching activity programme, characterized by individual, group and collective lessons and dedicated masterclasses, includes 366 hours of lessons, with a total of 1500 hours made up of study activities, internships, masterclasses and preparation for the final exam. The Master lasts one year.

Admission to the Master: it is necessary to have a three-year degree or first level academic diploma and take an admission test.
The exam is based on achieving a maximum score of 100 points:
o Up to a maximum of 70 points from the evaluation of the candidate's performance during the entrance exam
o Up to a maximum of 30 points from the evaluation of the candidate's curricular profile

The practical test concerns the execution of a program of free choice lasting no less than 10', performed either on a lever violin or on a pedal violin, including:

o One or more pieces of contemporary music or taken from the 20th century repertoire for violin
o Optional: one or more standards and/or arrangements of existing songs

 Study subjects:

or Pop Rock Harmony
o Analysis of Pop/Rock compositional forms
o Pop/Rock Violin - performance practices
o Ableton live, effects applied to the instrument
or Studio recording
or Midi programming
or Improvisation
or Masterclasses
o Ensemble music
o Ear training

Duration: 1 year
Number of hours: 366 hours of lessons (1500 in total)
CFA: 60

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