CPM Students: interview with Alberto Pantaleo

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Pubblicata il 03.07.2023

Second episode of CPM Students, the series of video interviews with our students and graduates: we present Alberto Pantaleo, enrolled in the Three-Year Academic Course in Bass Pop Rock.

Alberto Pantaleo
Originally from the province of Cagliari, Alberto chose our music school and moved to Milan to study electric bass here at CPM.

In this video, Alberto tells us about the numerous opportunities for casting, concerts and events that our school offers, such as participation on stage at the Open Week together with Cristiano Godano of Marlene Kuntz, and the concert at the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio for the project CO2.
With his unreleased song "Agua de mar" he won the Best Solo Performance 2023, the event that rewards the best solo performance for each instrument, capable of combining technique and interpretation.

In CPM it is possible to undertake the Pop Rock Electric Bass course for the achievement of the First and Second level Academic Diploma, titles equivalent respectively to a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. The Head of the Department is Dino D'Autorio, supported by Siro Burchiani, Giulio Corini, Luca Visigalli and Antonio Petruzzelli.

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