Creamusica 2023: online the songs of the selected projects

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Pubblicata il 03.07.2023

The 4 tracks are available on the main streaming platforms.

These are the titles of the works of our students:“Overgrow” by Camilla Paoletti, enrolled in the 1st year of the singing academic course, was produced by Giulio Carter (2nd year Pop Rock Composition), recorded in Alari Park with a mix by Daniele Ramundi (2nd year Sound Engineer) and masters of Alberto Cipolla.

“Veleno” is a song written in 6 hands by Quarto (3rd year Pop Rock Singing), Carloalberto Viani (2nd year Pop Rock Composition) and Matteo Bertollo (3rd year Pop Rock Guitar). Produced by Romeo Tanzini (2nd year Sound Technician) and Carloalberto Viani, it was recorded at the CPM studio with a mix by Matteo Ferrarotto (graduated in Pro Audio Engineer) and master by Alberto Cipolla.

Alberto Barberi and Simone Mangialenti (2nd year of Composition Pop Rock) are the producers of "Con te" by Giovie (1st year Canto Pop Rock). Recorded in CPM with master by Alberto Cipolla, the mix is by Simone Mangialenti.

Finally, Pxaico (2nd year Canto Pop Rock) wrote "Find your own sense" with production by Emanuele Duchi and Greta Lanni (2nd year of Pop Rock Composition). Emanuele Duchi also followed the mix of the song, recorded in CPM and master by master master Alberto Cipolla.

You can listen to their songs on the following platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music.

While on our YouTube channel you will find interviews with artists and producers, to get to know them a little better and find out how a song is born and how it is made!

The Creamusica laboratory is an artistic journey of comparison and maturation that offers our members the opportunity to produce their own unpublished piece.

Each year each member of the CPM can submit his or her pieces to the internal Artistic Commission which, once the most valid have been selected, entrusts them for a year to an artistic production team made up of teachers and students of the Pop Rock Composition and Sound Technician courses.

On the page dedicated to Creamusica you will find all the information and timing! Those currently present are valid starting from Creamusica 2024.

The songs produced are then published every year on the main online music platforms.

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