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Zen and Music in Florence

Meeting between Zen and the world of sound and the hidden mysteries in Music.
On Wednesday, June 21, at 9 p.m., the Conventino in Florence will host a very special moment of dialogue.
Franco Mussida and Anna Maria Shinnyo Marradi, Founder and Abbot of the Shinnyoji Zen Temple in Florence, will meet in the Tuscan capital to dialogue about the sacredness of silence and sound.
Participants in the meeting, organized with the support of the Italian Buddhist Union, will be invited to discover their relationship with their self and to contact two foundational aspects of existence: religion and art.

"I am happy to make myself available to the Shinnyoji Zen Temple of Florence and the UBI. Conducting this evening with Abbot Shinnyo Marradi is an opportunity to reveal little-known aspects of the relationship between sound, Music and the intimate feeling of the person" - declares Franco Mussida - "Starting with silence, that suspended time that operates in Zen meditative practices together with a few circumstantial sounds. Silence is the real protagonist not only of this practice, but, as vibrating stasis, it stops in every material, and is therefore the basis of every sound. Those who come to the Conventino will thus have the opportunity to see and feel concretely at work the power of Zen spirituality in salient moments of its ritual. But they will also experience, with the help of myself and CPM Music Institute students, the common elements of magic that live in Music. Those capable of taking us to extraordinary emotional and imaginative places within us by naming them, feeling them operate in depth. It will be an experiential show, pyrotechnic though invisible. Like amazement, it will in fact appear in the vital spaces of the hearts of those who will be there."

There will be no shortage of music thanks to Franco Mussida himself and the students and graduates of our school:
Giordano Giorgi - Drums graduate
Pietro Bombardelli - AFAM singing
Alessia Maiuzzo - AFAM Singing
Sofia Pragliola - AFAM Singing
June 21 is also International Yoga Day: for the occasion the Conventino will host several workshops and meetings, starting at 09 am.
You can see the full program on the dedicated Facebook event.

Zen and Music
Wednesday, June 21, 9 pm
Free admission while places last
The Conventino Literary Café
Via Giano della Bella, 20 Florence

For info and seat reservations:

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