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The main characteristic of CPM is its educational model. In addition to the multidisciplinary and laboratory vision of education, CPM is committed to understanding the needs of each individual student, giving each one special attention. Attention that allows those who attend it to find their own way to solve the difficulties that the study of Music holds.

This characteristic finds its expression in the educational offer more than 600 personalized courses divided between Academic and Pre-academic courses, each with specifications and a total amount of hours formed by instrumental and complementary subjects, designed for different training and study needs.

The courses, capable of finding a strong correspondence to the demand of the world of work, are tailored to the student: according to his or her preparation, the goal he or she has set or to be able to study with a teacher chosen specifically to deepen the technique or a specific genre.

Admission to Bachelor of Music degree courses

To access the Academic courses, it is necessary to take an entrance exam that consists of two tests: a practical test and a theoretical-analytical skills test.
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Admission to Pre-academic courses

For access to the other pathways, on the other hand, an audition must be taken, which allows the candidate's level of preparation to be defined in order to suggest and construct the most suitable course of study.
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Included in each study plan, regardless of the path chosen, are: 2 Open Weeks, the Creamusica Workshop and free rehearsal rooms. Also: ID to access the MyCPM confidential portal, a Microsoft Teams account with 1Tb of storage on OneDrive, and a 50Gb email box.

Bachelor and Master Courses

Higher Education in Art, Music.

Our School of Music is authorized by the MUR - Ministry of University and Research - to award the First and Second Level Academic Diploma, the equivalent of a bachelor's and master's degree.

Bachelors Degree

- Pop Rock Electric Bass Guitar
- Pop Rock Drums and Percussion
- Pop Rock Singing 
- Pop Rock Guitar 
- Pop Rock Piano and Electronic Keyboards 
- Pop Rock Composition 
- Sound Technician

Thanks to an annual amount of hours between 467 and 500 hours, where practice and theory come together in a full-time, multi-genre course of study, those enrolled in all of our three-year Academic courses acquire not only a comprehensive view on teaching, but also a musical and professional openness that allows them to deal with different work situations and thus enrich their personal and human journey.

In fact, during the 3 years our students have the opportunity to work with several professional and highly specialized teachers, active in the national and international music scene, and in prestigious studios such as Alari Park and the Core-T-Zone: what differentiates CPM from other institutes are curricula designed to give musicians the opportunity to deal with the various styles and genres of music, all the theoretical, practical, live and studio aspects of the profession of sound engineer, to give the students of the Pop Rock Composition course the opportunity to compose, arrange and produce for themselves and for internationally renowned artists.

Duration: 3 years
Hours: 467/608 hours
Access: Entrance exam
Award: First Level Academic Diploma in Popular Music
Second Level Academic Diploma

Masters degree 

available for:
- Pop Rock Electric Bass Guitar
- Pop Rock Drums and Percussion
- Pop Rock Singing
- Pop Rock Guitar
- Piano and Electronic Keyboards Pop Rock

The 'goal of the 2-year course is to provide, advanced training with the acquisition of high professional skills. With annual hours ranging from 386 to 502 hours, CPM's Master Academic courses feature 4 elements:
- Repertoire
- Sound
- Creativity
- Studio Session

Repertoire: the study of the multi-stylistic repertoire, approached with as many teachers as there are genres on the program, is fundamental for young professionals who intend to perfect technical, expressive, and creative skills aimed at the production of projects intended for the music market. Sound: a path dedicated to the construction and realization of one's own sound. Creativity: an opportunity given to students to measure themselves with the independent conception and production of their own material. Studio session: lots of practice in the recording studio, guided by the instructor, which complements the classroom experience.

In addition, CPM's two-year courses are enriched by the presence of nationally and internationally renowned visiting professors.
The achievement of the Second Level Academic Diploma gives access to master's programs at MUR-recognized facilities in Italy and abroad.

For those enrolled in the AFAM pathway who need to be assisted in preparing for exams, there is also a Tutoring - TTR service, both in presence and online.
Duration: 2 years
Hours: 386/502 hours
Access: Entrance exam
Award: Second Level Academic Diploma in Popular Music

High Pre-Academic Courses

BAC - Best Access to the Contemporary Styles

Multistylistic Pathway
The BAC - Best Access to the Contemporary Styles pathway lasts for one year with an annual total of 372 hours and is preparatory to the Academic Three-Year Course. Despite its single-year duration, the BAC pathway is characterized by multi-genre, multi-stylistic teaching and teaching.
Upon completion of the single year, one has the right to enter the 1st year AFAM, subject to passing the final exams. For those enrolled in the BAC pathway who need to be assisted in exam preparation, a Tutoring - TTR service is provided, both in-person and online.

Duration: 1 year
Amount of hours: 372 hours
Access: Audition
DIP - Diploma
Monostylistic Pathway

Suitable for those who work or study and do not have much time available to be able to attend a full-time pathway such as AFAM or BAC, for 30 years the Diploma has been the professional and monostylistic pathway for all instruments and singing. It is a three-year, weekly-attendance pathway with between 250 and 270 hours per year that still gives the option of adding extra curricular subjects.

Completion of the DIP 1st year allows access to the AFAM 1st year, but only after taking the entrance exam, which is relieved of some tests compared to the one provided for the BAC pathway: for example, if the candidate has passed the theoretical analytical subjects, he or she will not have to take the test to ascertain theoretical harmonic skills for access to the AFAM pathway.

For those enrolled in the DIP pathway who need to be tutored in exam preparation, a Tutoring - TTR service is provided, both in-person and online.
Duration: 3 years
Amount of hours: 250/270 hours
Access: Audition

CER - Certificate

Monostylistic Pathway
This is a 3-year instrumental technique course that requires basic technical, theoretical and musical preparation. Designed for those who can attend only one day a week, the CER program is the one used in the DIP pathway without the supplementary subjects and supplemented with multimedia aids for the theoretical-analytical subjects. The annual amount of hours is 168.5 hours.

Duration: 3 years
Amount of hours: 168.5 hours
Access: Audition

Basic Pre-Academic Courses

The objective of the Basic Pre-Academic pathway is to train the student by enabling him/her to mature a correct approach to instrumental technique and to orient him/her in the choice of a higher course. In fact, the course is designed for those who wish to enroll in the Academic courses offered by our Music School, but do not have the minimum requirements, both technical and theoretical, to access them. 
The instrument lessons take place on one day a week and, at the end of the 3rd year, there is an instrumental assessment for the transition to the professional paths. 

Available for Bass, Drums, Singing, Guitar, and Piano & Keyboards, it has a duration of 3 years, divided into levels 3 to 8, and a total number of hours equal to 475 hours.
Duration: 3 years
Amount of hours: 475 hours
Access: Audition
JUN - Junior

We offer all young people the opportunity to grow with the joy of making Music: that's why we created the Junior track. Designed for young musicians between the ages of 5 and 13, the JUN pathway is available for Bass, Drums, Singing, Guitar and Piano & Keyboards.
The lessons, taught by teachers chosen on the basis of sensitivity and specific experience gained in the field of children's education, are designed to offer a didactic training enhancing sociality and playing together: in fact, to complement the instrument lessons we find lessons in Ensemble Music and the final performance at the conclusion of the year of study that sees all the enrolled students on stage at the CPM Theater.

Short courses

IND - Individual Program

These are individualized programs, designed according to time availability and the goal one wants to achieve. The course is built after an audition with a qualified teacher and is organized in packages of lessons.
PTP - Preparing for Teaching Prospective.
The goal of the course is to prepare students for teaching music on the CPM teaching model. Free of charge and aimed at students in AFAM, BAC and DIP courses who have achieved the required average and prerequisites for admission, the PTP is a course that takes the form of a 1-year practical internship that involves shadowing and assisting Department Heads and teachers with many years of experience within our School of Music.

Students who pass the final exam will be able to obtain certification of successful training in CPM Music Teaching. For them, placement as assistants in the CPM faculty, CPMEdu and other public and private facilities that request it is envisaged.

Duration: 1 year
Access: Required average achievement
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