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Entrusts teaching to a faculty of more than 120 of the best musicians and professionals of national and international repute, active in the music industry and highly specialized in each individual musical genre and professional activity. Together they form a team that works with a unique, coordinated and shared teaching model, which also makes use of important visiting professors with whom they can grow further in technical and creative terms.

Those enrolled in the courses thus have the opportunity to study with a large number of professors who train them in all genres and subjects, attend numerous labs, workshops, support castings, and do a lot of live and studio practice. 

In addition to the multidisciplinary and workshop vision of training, CPM is committed to understanding the needs of each individual student, giving each one special attention. Attention that allows those who attend our school to find their own way to solve the difficulties that the study of Music holds.

In this way, the student acquires not only a comprehensive view on didactics, but also a musical and professional openness that allows him or her to deal with different work situations and thus enrich his or her personal and human journey.

CPM Music Institute publishing

has been creating and offering its own educational lines for more than 20 years through innovative series, multimedia and print, distributed in Italy and abroad. Designed both for individual study and for the school environment, they represent an essential resource for every student.

Offerings include :

CPM's book series - for all instruments
There are over 60 titles available, including handouts and books, specially composed by CPM teachers to support you in your study.
Discover the Books line

The series linked to CPM Edu the educational project of the CPM Music Institute that offers the opportunity to undertake a certified training course. 
For information write to info@cpmmusicstore.com

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