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In CPM there are different paths designed for the needs of those who want to enroll: find out how to get ready to enter CPM!

How to enroll
- Bachelor courses - Diploma - Certificate - Basic - Master - Individuals
It is necessary to book for an audition so that the teacher can verify the actual preparation of the future student, in order to be able to advise the most suitable Course.
Here you can find and download the programs to help you stand up to the Instrument Interviews :

For what it may concern the Pro-Audio Engineer, Writing & Production, Songwriting, Journalism and Game Audio Courses then you’ll need to have an interview with the Teachers Responsable of the Course chosen.

Reservation of the auditions and interviews can be made by sending an e-mail to corsi@cpm.it or calling 02.641146.1

- AFAM Study Course
An admission exam must be passed. Candidates must be suitable for instrument exams, theory and harmony, and ear training. It is also possible that the commission allows the student to participate in the course even if he has not passed all the exams, in this case he will be given the formative debits that must be recovered within the first year. These tests will be carried out at the end of September, before the beginning of the lessons.
Click HERE and fill in the form to find out how to register for the admissions test and what to prepare for it.


  • Present yourself at the audition or interview with a 30-minute advance on the scheduled time.
  • Notify the secretariat for possible travel delays or unexpected events.
  • Auditorium classrooms are equipped with a piano, a drums’ complete set, guitar and bass amplifiers (double bass not supplied), a PA system, a CD and mp3 player, and music stands. Singers can choose to carry a microphone and cable, but it is not necessary.
  • Bring your own instrument.
  • For Guitarists and Bassists remember to bring the tuner, the instrument cable and all the necessary effects for the prepared music piece.
  • Enter the audition carefully tuned.
  • Drummers should bring their wands and pads to practice a warm-up.

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