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Pubblicata il 01.07.2024

New dates for the entrance exams to the AFAM academic instrument courses - a.y. 2024/2025

Registration for the exam sessions for admission to the three-year and two-year academic courses of the instrument departments is now open.

Upcoming admission calls
Saturday 27 July 2024 
Tuesday 10 and Friday 20 September 2024

In fact, on these dates the entrance exams for the First and Second Level Academic Diploma courses will be held:

Pop Rock Electric Bass
Pop Rock Drums and Percussion
I sing Pop Rock
Pop Rock Electric Guitar
Pop Rock Piano and Electronic Keyboards
Register for the entrance exam

The exam can be taken either in person, therefore at our headquarters in Milan, or online, according to the methods that can be viewed on the page dedicated to Higher Education.

All the information on the methods of admission to the courses and the contents of the exams can be found on the page dedicated to how to register for our courses.

The CPM academic courses
Our music school is authorized by the MUR - Ministry of University and Research - to issue the First and Second Level Academic Diploma, qualifications equivalent to a Bachelor's and Master's Degree.

The Academic courses for obtaining the First Level Academic Diploma are developed over 3 years and are available for:
Pop Rock Electric Bass
Pop Rock Drums and Percussion
I sing Pop Rock 
Pop Rock Guitar 
Pop Rock piano and electronic keyboards 
Pop Rock composition 
Sound technician
HERE you can view the study plans for the three-year academic courses.

Thanks to an annual number of hours between 367 and 608 hours, where practice and theory come together in a full-time and multi-genre educational path, those enrolled in all our three-year academic courses acquire not only a complete vision of teaching, but also a musical and professional openness that allows him to face different work situations and thus enrich his personal and human path.

In fact, during the 3 years our students have the opportunity to work with several professional and highly specialized teachers, active in national and international music science, and in prestigious studios such as Alari Park and the Core-T-Zone.

The CPM is also committed to understanding the needs of each individual student, giving each one special attention which allows those who attend our school to find their own way to resolve the difficulties that the study of music presents.


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