Radio Italia's concert in Duomo square

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Pubblicata il 15.05.2024

… Mahmood, Giovanni Boscariol, Lorenzo Cazzaniga, Alex Trecarichi, Elisabetta Cois, musicians and radio speakers with one thing in common: CPM.

The largest free event of Italian music is about to begin in Piazza Duomo, which will see Italian artists such as Alessandra Amoroso, Annalisa, Emma, ​​Gazzelle, Geolier, Ghali, Mahmood take turns on stage for the first date of the 2024 edition - in CPM studied singing - Angelina Mango, Gianna Nannini, Noemi, The Kolors.

CPM Music Institute will be the protagonist! In the Radio Italia Live orchestra we find M° Giovanni Boscariol - highly appreciated musician and teacher of our Piano and Keyboards, Pop Rock Composition and Sound Technician courses, for the broadcast our Lorenzo Cazzaniga responsible for the Sound Technician course Sound and, with Diego Maggi, the Pop Rock Composition course.

As sound engineer, Alex Trecarichi, teacher of the Pop Rock Composition and Sound Engineering courses and as vocal coach for Ghali our teacher Elisabetta Cois.

But it doesn't end here... among the Radio Italia speakers there is Laura Giane, who studied singing in CPM and then became part of our staff!

CPM the right career choice.

Every year the CPM opens its doors to promising young people who intend to give a future to their passion for music, making it their working tool, their means of expression. There will be many artists, musicians, composers, songwriters, arrangers, sound engineers and teachers of tomorrow. Their training is entrusted to more than 120 professionals chosen from among the best national and international musicians. Together they form a team that works with a unique, coordinated and shared teaching model, which also makes use of important personalities (visiting professors) with whom they can grow further in technical and creative terms.

The main characteristic of the CPM is its training model. In addition to the multidisciplinary and laboratory vision of training, the CPM is committed to understanding the needs of each individual student, giving each one special attention. Periodic castings, real job opportunities and direct connection with a team of professional teachers make the CPM the right choice for career.

More than 800 personalized courses divided between Academic and Pre-academic courses, designed for different training and study needs.
The courses, capable of finding a strong correspondence with the demands of the world of work, are tailor-made for the student.

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