Auditions are open for the Electronic Music Producer course

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Pubblicata il 04.03.2024

Auditions for admission to the Pre-Academic Electronic Music Producer course for the 2024/2025 academic year will be held on Friday 5 April.
Registration by Friday 29 March.
In the early afternoon of Friday 5 April, auditions will take place for admission to the Pre-Accademic course, dedicated to those who want to start approaching the world of electronic music in a serious and professional way starting from scratch, and for those who do not have any musical knowledge.

Pre-Academic Electronic Music Producer Course
Electronic Music Producer is the new course dedicated to those who want to train in the world of electronic music production.
Lasting one year, Electronic Music Producer is the preparatory course for accessing the Academic Pop Rock Composition course.
With over 300 hours of theoretical and practical lessons, Electronic Music Producer is a course designed to be practical and operational straight away thanks also to a teaching staff made up of professionals Diego Maggi, Ludovico Clemente, Valerio De Paola and Clelia Bos.

Through technical/creative procedures, those enrolled in the course will learn to create and compose a professional base, becoming a true beatmaker.
In addition to the lessons, members will be able to participate in workshops and laboratories with the best national and international professionals in the sector.

For information you can contact the Teaching Secretariat by writing to or calling 02.641146.1

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