Marianna (Big Mama)

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Pubblicata il 23.02.2024

CPM congratulates to Marianna (Big Mama) for her commitment and courage.
Sharing painful aspects of life in public, bearing witness to a personal discomfort that many young people have in common, is a strong choice. The stage on which it was told, that of the United Nations, demonstrates how this choice is not instrumental and stands out for its sincerity from the multiplier mechanisms of notoriety.

In our 40 years we have worked with different generations, but the latter stands out from the others for the desire to help and support each other individually, regardless of beliefs and ideologies. For decades we have been bringing music to prisons and communities, and we are really happy that our Maestro Alberto Cipolla helped Marianna to cover her latest composition with music. It is a further demonstration of how musical forms, of how song, can help raise a more lucid and compassionate image of a possible future in society.

We sincerely hope that Marianna will be able to meet our students in the next Open Weeks.

Photo: getty images

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