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Pubblicata il 22.01.2024

CPM Open Week
In this “Focus on” we discover one of the strengths and excellence of our school.
The Open Weeks are an integral part of all study paths: twice a year - November and May - for an entire week, the school stops giving space to exclusive concerts, seminars, meetings, masterclasses, held by the great protagonists of the Music, with the aim of making students aware of everything that happens in the professional and artistic world.

On the stage of the CPM Theater artists, professionals and musicians, both established and emerging, alternate, available to discuss and make their experience available to the students, with particular and completely unique interventions.

A meeting place between artists, students, curious people, where everything has to do with music at 360° and where you have the opportunity to experience music in all its power. A series of events where the world of work arrives within the CPM and interacts with young people, giving them a great opportunity for growth, to get to know and make themselves known.

The Spring Open Weeks are also characterized by the CPM Nights: evenings of live music and the Best Solo Performance, an event that involves students from all departments and courses, and which rewards the best musicians capable of expressing technical and expressive refinement in the live performance of a song.

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