Franco Mussida masterclass and Live Concert @ Teatro Massimo in Cagliari

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Pubblicata il 11.01.2024

Franco Mussida will be at the Teatro Massimo in Cagliari on February 9th to present the songs from his latest album "Il Pianeta della Musica e il viaggio di Iòtu"
The concert marks the beginning of the musician's new artistic phase who, in addition to bringing Iòtu's journey into the inner world to life on stage, assigns a central role to the theme of sound quality. In the lineup, in addition to the compositions contained in the album, there are also unreleased musical moments and improvisations to be experienced intensely with the audience in the room.

On stage with Franco Mussida four excellent musicians from the CPM Music Institute: Giulia Lazzerini, (vocals, CPM graduate) Giuseppe Lai (bass and guitar, CPM student); Davide Chioggia (drums, CPM graduate); Alessandro Spoldi (keyboards, CPM graduate and teacher)

9 Feb 2024

8:30 pm

Teatro Massimo

1 hour and a half

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On February 10th, again at the Teatro Massimo from 3pm to 5pm, Franco Mussida will hold a special masterclass on the qualities and magic of the world of sound and music. The meeting will be structured as follows:

• Musical Opening, piece Orizzonti del cuore

• Sound and Music as emotional communication

• Music as a magical element that lights up our interiority

• Sound is a manifestation! It is used to communicate... we are not the only ones who do it: Video sounds of plant kingdoms, middle kingdoms and sentient beings

• What is the true profession of a musician? Musical moment with The world in a note and Afromedindian blues

• The musician searches for his own sound, the musical instrument as a means of refining his hearing and falling in love with the sound

• Listener: Game of emotions interaction with the audience

• Finale: Musical Moment with the song music is a universal language

Entrance to the masterclass is free upon reservation to be sent to

10 Feb 2024

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Room M3 - Teatro Massimo

The masterclass and concert by Franco Mussida (Pfm, Fabrizio De Andrè, Lucio Battisti, Paolo Conte, Francesco Guccini and many other artists) are part of the program of the Accademia del Pop, an initiative undertaken by Sardegna Concerti and financed by the Fondazione di Sardegna with the artistic direction of Massimo Satta: a series of events that want to celebrate music as an artistic, social and economic expression, aimed at educating the public through concert lessons and the professional growth of young people through internships and masterclasses

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