Franco Mussida returns to San Patrignano for the concert at the beginning of the

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Pubblicata il 10.01.2024

On January 17th the beginning of the year concert will be held inside the San Patrignano Auditorium, organized thanks to the partnership between CPM Music Institute and San Patrignano, whose collaboration has been active since 2021. The common thread of the project that links Franco Mussida (founder and President of the CPM), and the community is helping you discover music as an intimate experience. For this reason, the Audio Library was inaugurated on 3 December 2022, created as a place of silence and meditation where instrumental music of all kinds becomes an opportunity for meditation.

Taking to the stage of the Auditorium will be the CPM Ultra Pop Band, made up of graduates and students of the CPM Music Institute (led by the founder and President Franco Mussida), together with the SanpaSingers, the boys' choir of San Patrignano, who will perform in the special CONCERT OF THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR "FOR CHANGE".

The CPM Ultra Pop Band will be composed for the occasion by Giacomo Gulino (keyboards) Sofia Pragnola (vocals) Edoardo Radaelli (vocals) Raffaella Nicolazzo (vocals) Emma Patrini (vocals) Lara Mandelli (vocals) Matteo Dolcetti (vocals) Antonio Mariano ( guitar) Daniele Pagliero (guitar) Michele Bressan (bass) Luca Zambelli (drums) and Mattia Fegatilli (keyboards

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