Franco Mussida: La Lettura

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Pubblicata il 24.11.2023

Issue #626 of the "Corriere della Sera" insert was released on Sunday 26 November with the cover signed by the president and founder of the CPM Music Institute Franco Mussida. From Tuesday 28th - and for the entire month of December - a special collector's edition will be on newsstands.

As we well know, Franco Mussida's life is not only Music, but it is also, among many things, Art. And his Art was the cover of La Lettura, the insert released on Sunday 26 November together with Corriere della Sera: the representation of a stylized human figure (a symbolic tuning fork) on a blue colored background, entitled "We are what that we feel", a work that poetically recounts the fullness, sacredness and mystery of Man.
However, his contribution goes further: from today, Tuesday 28 November, a special version of La Lettura is available on newsstands with a multimedia cover, a collector's issue, with a QR Code that allows access to the digital version of the work and makes the enrichment of the visual part concrete thanks to the song composed specifically for the occasion "New horizons of the heart", a secular prayer for baritone guitar and synthesizer, which can be listened to thanks to this special number!

Music and Painting therefore find their common sense in the vibrant figure of the painting and in the climate, of a melancholy blue in search of consolation.

This special insert was anticipated by an article published on Friday 24 November in the Corriere della Sera, national edition.
You can read the article HERE, signed by Gianluigi Colin.

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