CPM Students: Interview with Antonio Conti

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Pubblicata il 12.10.2023

Interview with Antonio Conti, enrolled in the Pop Rock Guitar course!

After studying at the Rovigo Conservatory, Antonio decided to embark on the AFAM path in Pop Rock Guitar here at CPM to transform what was initially just a passion into a full-fledged career. He participated in the latest Best Solo Performance, an event that awards the best solo performance for each instrument, combining technique and interpretation, securing the first place with his arrangement of Skylark, a Paul Desmond standard in the version of Zach Jones.

At CPM, you can pursue the Pop Rock Electric Guitar course to obtain the Academic Diploma of the First and Second level, equivalent to a Bachelor's and Master's degree, respectively. The Department Head is Luca Nobis, supported by Pietro La Pietra, Giorgio Cocilovo, Claudio Bazzari, and Michele Quaini.


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