The students of CPM for "Quel Gran Genio"

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Pubblicata il 02.10.2023

Great success for our students and graduates who took part in the 1st edition of the "Quel Gran Genio" festival!

Among the 27 musicians who paid tribute to Lucio Battisti during the final concert on Sunday, October 1st, our students and graduates also performed on the stage of Teatro Franco Parenti, presenting over an hour of the artist from Rieti's repertoire.

Here is the band that received compliments from the audience and the attending artists:

Lorenzo Niniano, graduate in Pop Rock Guitar, and Giuseppe Lai, 3rd-year Pop Rock Guitar.
Vittorio Romano, graduate in Pop Rock Bass.
Giordano Giorgi, graduate in Pop Rock Drums.
Giacomo Gulino and Simone Mauro Ghilardi, 3rd-year Pop Rock Piano and Keyboards.
Pietro Bombardelli, Lara Mandelli, Francesco Milione, and Alessia Maiuzzo, 3rd-year Pop Rock Vocals.
The final concert was the highlight of the festival's three-day celebration, which aimed to commemorate Lucio Battisti and featured our students and graduates as key participants!

On Friday, September 29th, Elena Ricotti and Simone Beltracchini, 3rd-year Pop Rock Vocals students, and Francesco Ierace, 3rd-year Pop Rock Guitar, took center stage at the festival's opening at Milan Linate Airport, performing "7 e 40" at 8:50 AM: "Mi sono informato c'è un volo che parte alle otto e cinquanta..." (I've checked, there's a flight departing at eight fifty...)

On Saturday, September 30th, we also found our students at the M1 Loreto metro station, where the Linate trio, along with Francesca Aureli, also a 3rd-year Pop Rock Vocals student, performed, as well as at the M5 Bicocca station, with the CPM UltraPop Band participating in the grand event at Teatro Franco Parenti.

Special thanks to Francesco Paracchini, the director of L'Isola che non c'era and artistic director of the festival, for involving our Music School in this splendid initiative. Thanks also to our students who, as with every event they participate in, eagerly took part, demonstrating great professionalism.

And a big thank you to TgR Lombardia for the coverage of the concert at Teatro Franco Parenti!

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