Masterclass with Mike Stern at CPM

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Pubblicata il 14.09.2023

The American guitarist is returning to our Music School on Saturday, October 28th, at 11:00 AM, for a masterclass organized by Ponderosa Music & Art as part of the Milanese music festival, JAZZMI.


There is a discount available for our students: all the information and the link to register with the discount can be found on MyCPM.

Participants in the masterclass have the opportunity to bring their own guitar.

In the past, the CPM Music Institute has already hosted Mike Stern, and now our Music School is pleased to once again meet the musician with a masterclass that is, of course, not exclusively for guitarists but is open to all musicians and music enthusiasts.

With a career spanning three decades and a discography including over a dozen eclectic and innovative recordings, along with five GRAMMY nominations, Mike Stern has established himself as one of the leading jazz and jazz-fusion guitarists and composers of his generation. Born in Boston and a student of Pat Metheny, he has had a distinguished career that began in the late '70s and includes collaborations with Blood, Sweet & Tears, Billy Cobham, saxophonist Billy Evans, and most notably, his time with Miles Davis, with whom he played continuously from 1982 to 1985, contributing to the recording of three albums: "Man with the Horn," "Star People," and the live album "We Want Miles."

The masterclass on Saturday, October 28th, will be a journey into the world of jazz, exploring musical inspirations and delving into technical and stylistic topics to refine existing knowledge and acquire new insights. The cost for the masterclass on October 28th is €35.00: REGISTER NOW, as seats are limited!

For our students, there is a discount available, and you can find all the information on MyCPM.

Participants in the masterclass have the option to bring their own guitar.

For further information, you can email

Mike Stern's masterclass is hosted by CPM, organized by Ponderosa Music & Art, and is part of the 8th edition of JAZZMI, a Milanese music festival that runs from October 12th to November 5th, featuring not only jazz music in theaters, clubs, and alternative spaces but also films, exhibitions, and meetings with artists. Mike Stern himself, on the evenings of Friday, October 27th, and Saturday, October 28th, will be performing at the Blue Note in Milan with his band and alongside renowned names such as Dennis Chambers, Leni Stern, Lincoln Goines & Bob Franceschini.

You can check the calendar for the three weeks of events on the JAZZMI website.

Theater - Via privata Elio Reguzzoni, 15
20125 Milan

To register:
For event information, contact -

For our students, all the info can be found on MyCPM.

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