CPM Students: interview with Luciano Rossi

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Pubblicata il 24.07.2023

Interview with Luciano Rossi, enrolled in the Pop Rock Guitar course!

Luciano Rossi
On tour with Claudym, a young Milanese singer, he has performed on the great Italian stages including the Mediolanum Forum, the Snai racetrack and the Nameless Festival. On July 27th he will support his thesis "THE GUITAR AS PROTAGONIST IN THE POP-ROCK MAINSTREAM OF THE NEW CENTURY" on the stage of the CPM Theater, Supervisor: M° Michele Quaini.

In CPM it is possible to undertake the Pop Rock Electric Guitar course for the achievement of the First and Second Level Academic Diploma, titles equivalent respectively to a Bachelor's and Master's Degree. The Head of the Department is Luca Nobis, supported by Pietro La Pietra, Giorgio Cocilovo, Claudio Bazzari and Michele Quaini.

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