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Pubblicata il 12.07.2023

Paola, Miryam and Serena are enrolled in the master's degree in Artistic Vocology at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan and have decided to do their internship at CPM!

Paola Memeo, aka Amelie, vocal coach and songwriter, has had a recording project for 12 years and has won numerous awards. He studied both in music schools and privately, also attending various seminars.

Miryam Conte, singer, composer and singing teacher, has lived accompanied by music since she was a child, studying vocal technique and modern singing.

Serena Di Nunno, from Puglia transplanted to Como, after a past as an IT consultant decides at a certain point to follow her passion for singing and voice. After a degree in speech therapy he decides to attend, like Paola and Miryam, the master's degree in Artistic Vocology.

The choice of the CPM as the location for the internship stems from reasons such as first of all the possibility of seeing the work that our structure carries out with the singers, training Artists and giving importance to vocality in relation to writing, production, live on stage. In fact, this type of approach allows Paola, Miryam and Serena to verify in practice the knowledge they acquired during the master, and through previous experiences, immersing them in a more artistic and wider reality thanks to a complete and multidisciplinary preparation.

In CPM it is therefore possible to carry out an internship: if you are enrolled in a course of study informed at the offices of your institute to be able to practice at the CPM!

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