Accademia della Stella Negroni: the winners!

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Pubblicata il 10.07.2023

Gaetano Dino Chirico, Davidemettifogo, Marco Pezzali and Mario Vernetti are the winners of the contest organized by the 2023 Accademia della Stella Negroni!

The jingle of our students of the Pop Rock Composition course was in fact elected by the online population as the winner among the 7 finalists decreed by a quality technical jury formed by Gino Castaldo, Enrico Melozzi and Albe.

Listen to the jingle on the Veronesi Group website.

Our music school, together with the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and NAM – Nuova Audio Musicmedia in Milan, has in fact been chosen among the partners of the project launched by the Accademia della Stella to reinterpret the historic jingle of the brand which over the years has been interpreted by artists such as Mario Biondi, Noemi and Tiromancino.
The Accademia della Stella, conceived by Negroni Salumi, was born with the intention of discovering, supporting and enlightening young people in the fields of Made in Italy excellence: in 2021 and 2022 the Academy featured illustrators and video makers, while this year over 100 musicians from the initiative's 3 prestigious partner institutes were involved.
The works were evaluated by a special technical jury, made up of the conductor Enrico Melozzi, the journalist and music critic Gino Castaldo and the young singer Albe, who decreed the names of the 7 finalists including our students, enrolled in the Pop Rock Composition and Singing courses:

  • Giulio Carter and Rita Elena
  • Davide Mettifogo and Mario Vernetti, together with Marco Pezzali and Gaetano Dino Chirico
  • Carloalberto Viani, together with Irene Tomassini

The second phase, i.e. the vote of the online public, decreed the winning jingle, announced during the final evening which was held on Tuesday 11 July at the Apollo in Milan!

Our congratulations go not only to the winners, but to all the participants, from our music school and from the Saint Louis College of Music, who have decided to get involved by making excellent jingles!

Thanks to the Accademia della Stella di Negroni who chose us among the partner institutes, giving our students the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious contest!

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