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Pubblicata il 01.11.2022

Master's Degree Courses

Academic courses for the Second Level Academic Diploma, recognized by the MUR - Ministry of University and Research, award a degree equivalent to the Master's Degree, valid in the national territory and in all European countries.

In CPM are available for:
  • Pop Rock Electric Bass Guitar
  • Pop Rock Drums and Percussion
  • Pop Rock Singing
  • Pop Rock Guitar
  • Pop Rock Piano and Electronic Keyboards.
Their goal is to provide, over the 2 years of the course, advanced training with the acquisition of high professional skills.
With annual hours ranging from 386 to 502 hours, CPM's Master Academic courses feature 4 elements: Repertoire, Sound, Creativity, Studio Session.
The study of a repertoire, which takes into account the wide range of genres and styles, is fundamental for the increase of technical skills, and moves in parallel with the study of the sound of one's instrument, of which the potential of effects is also investigated. With creativity, students are measured by the independent production and ideation of material, thanks also to the analysis of arrangements and songs useful not only for study, but also for the profession and the musician's experience outside the educational path. In addition, CPM's two-year courses are enriched by the presence of nationally and internationally renowned visiting professors.

The achievement of the Second Level Academic Diploma gives access to master's degrees at MUR-recognized facilities in Italy and abroad.
Attendance is compulsory and class days are from Monday to Saturday, with the possibility of attending the course also on a part-time basis.

Admission: To gain access to the Academic pathways, it is necessary to take an entrance exam that consists of two tests: a practical test and a test of theoretical-analytical skills.

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