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CPM offers the opportunity to participate in numerous castings, held both for events inside and outside the school.
Productions of musicals such as "Spring Awakening," "Rebel Music," "Rent," and "We Will Rock You" have chosen CPM as their casting venue, and selected students have participated in long and numerous tours. Others have played with artists such as Mika, Alexia, Francesca Michielin, Loretta Grace ..and many other artists who have found their musicians right here in CPM. In addition, 2 times a year Open Weeks allow students to accompany artists such as Max Pezzali, Caparezza, Dolcenera, Ghemon, Wrongonyou, Bernarndo Lanzetti, Mario Lavezzi, Brunori SAS, Cristina Donà, Fabio Treves ... on the stage of the Theater.

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