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Pro Audio Engineer


The Pro Audio Engineer course is for those who feel that Sound and Music are mainly a means to communicate strong emotions: the reproduction of Music, whether in surround or designed for binaural listening, is a great responsibility ; it means accepting to face a hard, complete, multidisciplinary training. For this reason, during the 3 years of the Pro Audio Engineer course all the theoretical and technical aspects are aimed at creating a complete figure, able to work both in a live and in a studio context: from the most theoretical subjects such as acoustics, computer science and electronics to microphones, labs, softwares such as Ableton, Finale, Q Base, recording and mixing.
The total annual number of hours is between 487 and 511 hours, is over 3 years and includes classes in both CPM and recording studios such as Alari Park, Acid Sun, Core T Zone, as well as practice in live settings.

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